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Everyone Ignored This Poor Adorable Dog, But Now He’s Turning Heads!

This is horrifying! This stray dog was found living near a gas station in Brazil. The dog, named Bolinha, weighed 80 pounds! As a stray living near the gas station, he ate whatever he could. Sometimes, the people visiting the gas station would give him food. They didn’t stop to think that eating all that human food could be really bad for him.

Maybe they thought they were being nice. Sadly, the dog slowly became obese. Bolinha was so obese that walking was nearly impossible. Happily, someone noticed and got him the help he desperately needed. Watch the video and see his much-needed transformation. If you see a stray animal in your neighborhood, it is okay to feed them – but feed them the right food.

Take a look at this video

Human food is for humans. Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs. Share this happy story with your friends.