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Woman Forced Victim Into Slavery For 2 Years, Tried To Impregnate Her With Boyfriend’s Sperm

This is just disturbing. In Jacksonville, Florida, Esthela Clark, 47, paid several thousand dollars to get a 26-year-old woman brought to the United States by Mexican smugglers.

Clark wanted to hold the woman hostage and use her as her surrogate.

The woman, known as Y.L., thought she was going to be a paid surrogate and that she would be cared for by doctors during her pregnancy.

Clark reportedly inseminated Y.L. several times a day with sperm from her boyfriend. Y.L. was forced to sleep on Clark’s dining room floor.

Unfortunately, Y.L. didn’t get pregnant.

So, Clark forced her to have sex with strangers.

The men used condoms, and Clark would save them so Y.L. could be inseminated later. I mean, come on! Who does this?

Y.L. endured this torture for about two and a half years.

At one point, Clark thought Y.L. was too fat to get pregnant and forced her to lose 65 pounds!

Clark began beating Y.L. with a metal stick and started to starve her when she wasn’t getting pregnant.

When Y.L.’s family from Mexico would call, Clark would force Y.L. to lie and say that everything was going fine.

Y.L. did chores around the house for Clark during her imprisonment.

She was rescued because someone saw her outside washing Clark’s car in the winter.

Y.L. was reportedly underdressed, and there were signs of injury on her body. Clark was indicated in 2015 for a variety of charges.

On March 27, 2017, Clark pleaded guilty and could face up to 20 years in prison.

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