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Santa Visits A Terminally Ill Boy To Help Him Celebrate His Final Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a magical and happy time.

Eric Schmitt-Matzen gets dressed up as Santa every year to share in the joy with all the young children he meets.

Eric is an 80-year old professional Santa Claus and recently met with a dying 5-year-old boy that has left him without his jolly smile.

Eric got the call to come to visit a terminally ill boy with the instructions to come now.

The boy’s mother gave Eric a toy to give to her son. Eric sat on the boy’s bed, and they talked.

Eric told him that there was no way he could miss Christmas because he was the number one elf.

The little boy’s lit up.

Take a look at this video

As Eric hugged the little boy, he felt the life leave the small child.

Eric shared everything in the video above, and I’m sure it moved you to tears.

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