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ER Doctor Revives Stray Cat Who Was Dying In Front Of Hospital

This white stray cat nearly lost his life outside the Özel Akgün Tem Hospital located in Istanbul, Turkey. Miracle had tried to walk into the building through a revolving door at the very same time a man was leaving the building. Unfortunately for Miracle, the man did not notice him and simply pushed the door on his way out.

Image Credit: Özel Akgün Tem Hastanesi

This caused Mircale to be jammed in between the door jamb and the glass panel. Although the man had stopped pushing the door but it was too late. According to the surveillance footage, Miracle was struggling and writhing in pain and some people had tried to help get him out.


An emergency room doctor, Halil Akyürek, saw the incident and rushed in to help. Akyürek stated that Miracle struggled and had difficulty breathing. When Miracle was freed, they immediately performed CPR on him.

Image Credit: Özel Akgün Tem Hastanesi

Miracle was later administered oxygen to help him. Akyürek even consulted a veterinarian to find out the appropriate medication and the administration method.

Image Credit: Özel Akgün Tem Hastanesi