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Adorable Dogs Who Were Rescued Together Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other!

Dynamic duos. We love twosomes that come together to do great things! The dynamic duo in this story just so happen to be two border collies named Envy, 9, and Zain, 3. Now while this dynamic duo doesn’t go around and save kittens or rescue people from burning buildings, they will make you smile.

Kelly Bove is Envy and Zain’s human mom. She has done a good job spoiling her dogs as every good dog owner does. The two dogs were rescued and have become the best of friends. Envy had lived in several different homes before finding Kelly.

Zain was from the Glen Highland Farms, a border collie rescue group. The two dogs not only love each other and their new home, but they are also quite photogenic! The whole thing is a perfect match because Kelly is a part-time professional photographer.

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