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Kind People Halt Traffic To Help Guide Enormous Snake Cross The Highway Safely

A couple in Brazil were traveling on a highway near their home when they noticed something pretty amazing on the road up ahead.

Italo Nacimento Fernandes and his wife saw a giant Anaconda snake making an attempt to cross the busy road.

Immediately, Fernandes felt compelled to give the snake some help so that no one would run over it as it attempted to cross the highway.

He admits he has seen other snakes crushed by the wheels of fast moving cars while on that same roadway, making him feel both angered and sad at the cruelty.

So he and his wife decided to stop their car, get out of their vehicle and alert oncoming traffic to slow down and stop while the snake made his perilous journey.

Fernandes says that there are no signs along the highway indicating to watch out for crossing snakes.

Soon Fernandes was heartened to discover that other people approved of his idea and also stopped their vehicles to alert traffic about the snake and avoid it getting killed.

There were more than a few Good Samaritans who lined up to alert other drivers and help the Anaconda safely make his way to the other side of the road.

Fernandes admits that some people don’t care if wild animals are killed but he felt pretty wonderful seeing how other people felt exactly as he did and helped do their part to help the snake from being run over.

Local biologist Flavio Terassini estimated the snake’s age to be about 10 years.

He applauded the actions of Fernandes and the other drviers who helped the snake safely cross the road and make it back into the nearby forest.