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Chef Is Confused When Her Boss Takes Her Outside In The Middle Of The Day. Then It Clicks…

Amidst economical hard times, jobs are scarce and businesses are slowly failing one after another. Employers in modernity now face a task harder than ever: finding suitable and trustworthy employees to take care of their business operations. One man had the good fortune of having an extremely hardworking woman to work for him.

Meet Alex Rios. He runs the Kids’ Kollege Learning Center located in Edinburg, Texas. Alex wanted to pay it forward by filming the surprise he had for his hardworking employee Veronica Solis, a cancer survivor who always gives her best for the kids’ sake. She was unable to come to work on time as she has no one to hitch a ride with to the learning center. Alex then decided to buy her a car to solve her problem and reward his best employee.

Take a look at how he surprised her below!

The greatest employer ever.

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