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Ellen’s Show Interrupted By A Call Alerting Audience Member That It’s About Her Sick Daughter

Ellen was taping a show when a phone call interrupted the whole thing.

Ellen’s receptionist called Ellen to say she had just read a powerful letter from someone sitting in the audience that day.

Ellen put the call on speaker and let her receptionist read the letter. The woman, Kim, in the audience was overwhelmed and started to cry.

Kim and her daughter Becky would watch Ellen’s show together as they both struggled with chemotherapy treatments.

The two women were able to power through the physical and emotionally trying times with positivity and laughter Ellen’s show brought.

Sadly, Kim was facing another battle with her health. When Ellen hangs up the phone, she calls Becky and Kim to the stage.

There is a little surprise in store that you don’t want to miss! Grab a tissue and hit play!

This wonderful TV moment should be shared with everyone you know because a little kindness goes a long way.

Share away, people.