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Ellen Invites A Pit Bull On TV And He Ends Up Stealing The Show And Winning Everyone Over (Video)

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, there were two special guests – Tia Torres, founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center for mistreated Pit Bulls was invited to share her experiences in dealing with the breed, as well as her struggles in coping due to the mislabeling of Pit Bulls to be overly aggressive, territorial and dangerous.

Tia is also the host of the hit show Pit Bulls and Parolees, where she rescues and rehouses struggling Pit Bulls in need, across The United States! However, the spotlight shifted to Ellen’s secondary guest, Snorkie the Pit Bull – and he is the greatest sweetheart! Pit Bulls aren’t dangerous – no dogs should be stereotyped based on their breed!

Check out this video!

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