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Bullies Nominated Teen For Homecoming Queen As A Joke, Then Ellen Plans Epic Revenge

Adolescence is a time of uncertainty, self-doubt, and awkward growing phases.

Lillian Skinner, a young girl who was othered by her peers, can attest to the trials and tribulations that most teens face.

Lillian, a precious senior with a heart of gold, was stunned when she learned of her nomination for homecoming queen.

Both excited and confused, Lillian couldn’t believe she was being granted this honor.

Lillian thought she was finally getting her chance to fit in with other kids at her school. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

A few days later, Lillian’s hoped were dashed when she discovered that her nomination was a wicked prank conceived by some ill-intentioned students.

Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez, two of Lillian’s friends, were nominated for homecoming queen instead.

When Anahi and Naomi caught wind of the prank, they vowed to crown Lillian as homecoming queen if either of them won the title.

Lillian was unaware of the plan Anahi and Naomi hatched.

With that said, she was pleasantly surprised when homecoming night rolled around and Anahi, who was dubbed homecoming queen, crowned Lillian with the title instead.

The story took the public by storm, with various news outlets broadcasting Anahi and Naomi’s act of kindness.

The story gained such traction that Anahi, Naomi, and Lillian were invited onto The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Ellen was so taken by their benevolence that she gave them $10,000 each to put towards their college tuition.