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Elephants Who Don’t Want To Separate Share Their Last Moments Of Being Together

Two elephants are trying to get one last moment together. It is a heartbreaking photo that was taken on a Bangalore, India city highway. Sowmya Vidyadhar posted the photo on Facebook on December 22, and it has gone viral. Elephants have families and strong family relationships. They mourn and protect their young – not unlike human beings.

Baby elephants will stay with their parents for many years. Did you know elephants are very intelligent and can even experience jealousy? They can. They are living creatures, not tools for humans to use and abuse as we see fit. It is likely that these two elephants will never see each other again. They are being sent away and will now serve humans.

Take a look at this image

Many people who saw the photo reacted and shared the sadness the elephants much have been feeling. Maybe one day, in the not too distant future, humanity will wake up and act more humane. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]