elephants greet rescued baby

The delightful orphaned baby elephant known as “Dok Geaw” is the newest addition to the Elephant Nature Park.


You can watch a great video of the entire elephant herd running to meet their new friend.

Dok Geaw is only one year and nine months old, but he is already full of life.

When the orphaned elephant first came to Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, he couldn’t have known he would be greeted by the entire herd.

But that’s exactly what happened!

You can watch as the young elephant cries out, and his new herd runs to him from across the compound.


When the herd of elephants arrive at the enclosure Dok Geaw was housed in, they reached through the fence to reassure him by petting him with their trunks.

All of the elephants clearly look excited to welcome the newest addition to the herd.

You can watch the entire scene unfolds in the video below.