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Elephants Are Terrified Of What’s Inside These Dangling Yellow Boxes And It’s Saving Their Lives

Farmers struggle to keep their crops healthy and safe from local wildlife. In Kenya, wild elephants will often destroy farms in search of food. But, we can’t blame them, everyone needs to eat! To help keep the endangered elephants safe (and allow the farmers to grow their crops) people had to get creative.

The solution was African honey bees! Elephants have a natural fear of honey bees (I have a fear of all things that are small, buzz, and can sting too)! The video below is from the Elephant and Bees Project. Watch to learn more about this amazing program! They have built beehive fences that are helping not only the farmers but the bees too!

Take a look at this video

The best part was how they figured that the elephants would leave the area if they heard bees buzz – and send out a warning to other elephants. Genius! Share away, people!