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Mama Elephant Steers Favorite Caretaker To Baby And Requests A Lullaby

For any of us who have tried working with elephants or have done some research on elephants, you will find that elephants are incredibly intelligent and social.

On top of that, they are also highly empathetic, on the same level as human beings!

Not only do elephants create graves for their loved ones and mourn their loss, they will even make graves for humans they don’t know about.

It is astonishing just how empathetic these gentle giants can just be!

A great example of an elephant’s massive emotional intelligence (and general intelligence) can be seen in the way that these creatures actually enjoy music!

Faa Mai – whose name means ‘A New Day’ – is an Indian Elephant who demonstrates this with the way she truly appreciates the lullaby that her caretaker, Lek Chailert, sings to her!

Born on April 17, 2009, Faa Mai was an elephant who is the first calf that was born free in the elephant rescue center, Elephant Nature Park.

Here in this park, she will live the rest of her life under the care and protection of the park’s team and her matriarchal family with her mother, big sister, and adopted big sister.

All of them are named Mae Bua Tong, Tong Jaan, and Faa Sai respectively.

So she certainly isn’t in want of care and attention, and has known kindness and affection all her life.

One way she receives that love and affection is via the care that Lek Chailert lavishes upon her.

Lek is the founder of the rescue center, and would regularly sing lullabies to comfort Faa Mai when the calf was distressed.

Considering just how intelligent elephants are, it is obviously understood that Faa Mai highly appreciates this form of comforting, and even enjoys the music Lek sings!

So when Thong Ae showed up to the park, Faa Mai was quick to introduce her new friend to the same love and care that she had received.

Thong Ae was a baby elephant that had been recently rescued, and was in dire need of comforting.

Incredibly empathetic, Faa Mai was filled with love and concern for such a young calf, even though she was only 9 years old herself.

Drawing upon her own experiences, Faa Mai immediately set out to find someone she knew was up to the task – Lek Chailert.

Lek soon found herself being gently but persistently guided towards Thong Ae by Faa Mai.

Faa Mai would use her trunk to steer Lek, by wrapping it around the woman’s waist and nudged back on course towards Thong Ae whenever Lek veered in either direction.

Lek was initially certainly confused when she found herself bought towards Thong Ae – that is, until Faa Mai looks intently into Lek’s eyes.

It was then the caretaker knew what was wanted of her.

Faa Mai had been comforted countless times by Lek’s singing, and it was now time for someone else to receive that same love and comfort.

Truly, it is astonishing just how empathetic elephants can be!

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