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Excited Herd Comes Charging Over As Elephant Gives Birth In Middle Of A Safari

An elephant in South Africa recently gave a group of tourists a sight they will never forget.

The pregnant pachyderm allowed the visitors the opportunity to witness an amazing miracle unfold as she and her loyal herd welcomed her newborn child.

The birth took place directly next to the roadside, offering the spectators a close-up look at nature.

The pregnant elephant squatted and pushed the baby out quickly. A sudden drop and roll down a small embankment freed the baby from its amniotic sac.

It was at that moment that the rest of the herd arrived quickly to surround mom and baby.

The group of massive creatures obviously used themselves to shield the new life from the human bystanders, but their loud trumpets also seemed to be a celebration of the arrival of the newest member of their family.

It took only a few seconds for the newborn to adjust to its surroundings.

The adult elephants and older juveniles continued to offer shelter and moral support to the proud mother and the healthy, beautiful baby as they remained in a tight cluster with the pair.

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