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Circus Elephant With Trunk Paralysis And Joint Problems Forced To Give Rides

A young elephant needs your help. The circus has an infamous reputation for treating animals poorly.

Ever since the beginning of this industry, animals have been mistreated and forced to perform embarrassing acts against their will.

Some of the most majestic and impressive animals in the world are beaten into a submissive state for human entertainment.

As the largest land animal, elephants normally walk about 40 miles per day.

Circus elephants, on the other hand, are locked up and only able to move when they’re forced to perform.

Fortunately, the world is waking up to the cruel reality surrounding the usage of animals in the circus.

Each year, more states and countries are banning the use of wild animals for entertainment purposes.

However, there are still some circuses in operation that torture and mistreat wild animals.

Many animal rights activists are sharing the heartbreaking footage of a young elephant named Betty who is forced to offer rides at the Garden Bros Circus in Colorado.

The depressed elephant appears hopeless as she drags her limp tuck on the ground. Her legs appear to be stiff from joint pain or arthritis.

These aches and pains don’t stop the elephant’s owner from allowing families to ride this poor creature at the circus.

Carden, Betty’s owner, uses a bullhook to encourage the elephant whenever she isn’t cooperative.

Carden has proven his cruelty when it comes to the use of his bullhook.

In fact, he received a citation for his use of a bullhook on an elephant in Atlanta. He broke the local laws against animal cruelty.

In the video, it is clear that Betty is being mistreated.

Although this story is tragic and heartbreaking, it’s not the only account of animal cruelty in circuses.

There are numerous animals throughout the country that are still being mistreated and forced to act in performances.