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Elderly Woman Who Hadn’t Spoken Or Eaten In 3 Days Came Alive When She Was Given A Dog

TheraPaws is a well-known British animal care therapy program formulated by The Mayhew Animal Home in London, England. The practice involves the introduction of specially-trained animals to people who are either sick or old. Volunteers take both dogs and even cats along with them – in conjunction with multiple hospice care programs taking place in dementia care homes and hospitals.

The dogs represent humanity and hope, and provide special yet successful consolation for many. This was especially true for one woman, who had not eaten or spoken a word for 3 whole days. But when one TheraPaws dog arrived, she started to open up more. From that moment onward, it was a miracle – she started talking to people, and took her medicine regularly!

Image Credit: therapaws

At least 50 TheraPaws dogs have visited 43 care homes in London to date – and hopefully, animal therapy would grow to be much more widely accepted worldwide.

Image Credit: therapaws

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