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Elderly Woman Hears Something Howling Behind Her House And Realizes She’s Going To Need Help

You have heard that you should mess around with a momma and her babies – right? Most wild animals have little to no tolerance when it comes to other animals threatening their babies. But, what if the baby is in trouble and the mother is unable to help – would you do something?

In June 2013, an Arizona resident, Gwen Maxwell, heard a baby coyote crying in pain and called for help – it didn’t sound human.

Jose Soto and Shawn Bordine from the Pebblebrook Golf Course answered the call. The two men found that the coyote pup had gotten tangled in some Cholla cactus (which is also called Jumping cactus – although it doesn’t really jump) and couldn’t get the spines out of his mouth or off his body.

The poor pup had cactus spines all over its body!

The spines on the cholla are barbed and known for attaching rather tenaciously to clothing, fur, and skin. The momma coyote was watching, helpless. Jose held on the pup and got some of the spines out of his mouth. Shawn said the little pup didn’t try to bite and didn’t protest.

The mother was hovering nearby – watching. The two men were able to get all the spines off the coyote. A quick exam revealed a few cuts and scrapes, but nothing too serious. The grateful pup ran right for his mom once he was let go! The two quickly ran off.

Thankfully these men were able to help the pup. If you find a wild animal in need, it is best to call wildlife authorities for help.

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