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Eight Stray Dogs Surrounded Dead Woman’s Body For Six Hours Straight

In Jiangxi, China, a female biker got into a traffic accident, which flung her off her bike. Due to a head concussion, she died almost in an instant. No one cared enough to call an ambulance for her.

She was left on the cold streets to die. But she was saved by a group of six stray dogs that came running toward her.

The female biker was an animal lover, and spent her time caring and feeding those dogs when no one else would. In return, she now has them by her side, guarding her with their very best. After sometime later, an onlooker rang the local authorities up and called for an ambulance.

Image Credit: urdogs

Paramedics only arrived at the scene six hours later.

Image Credit: urdogs

However, the paramedics were too late – she had long passed.

Image Credit: urdogs

All six dogs have fortunately been properly cared for at a local animal shelter.

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