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Greedy Developer Tried To Buy Grandma’s Tiny Home For 1 Million Dollars And Was Rejected

86-year-old Edith Macefield had resided in her home located in Seattle for over 60 years throughout her life.

However, there was a game of Monopoly going on in her neighborhood – every other house was getting sold and revamped.

Countless land developers offered the old woman cash – even one million! Edith stood her ground and declined all of them.

Soon after, a shopping mall was built beside Edith’s house – then she and the mall’s project manager, Barry Martin, befriended one another.

Edith was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer, but Martin stepped up to become her caregiver.

Edith passed away peacefully back in 2008, leaving her only asset, her house, to him.

Martin had a heart of gold and could not bear to sell it – thus he left the property as it was until he enlisted it as a charity donation later on in 2015, in Edith’s memory.

Check out the video below!

Rest in peace, Edith.

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