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Wild Eagles Find A Baby Hawk And Raise Him As Their Own Kid (Video)

There is a new baby in a family of eagles living in Canada. But, it isn’t a new baby eagle, it is a baby hawk! That’s right, a family of bald eagles is raising their very own red-tailed hawk. The young bird has been living with the eagles since May. The eagle parents make sure that he has enough to eat and are treating him as if he was theirs!

David Hancock, from the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, believes that the baby hawk may have been picked up by the eagles as prey, but when they got back to the nest, they decided to raise the hawk and not eat it! The baby eagles have taken this all in stride and don’t seem to mind having to share their food with the hawk.

Take a look at this video!

It is likely that the hawk will take off on its own before the eaglets are ready to leave the nest. Share away, people.