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Teenager Killed His Grandmother Because She Tried To Take His Beer From Him

Dylan Broughman, 18, was arguing with his 69-year-old grandmother, Joyce Courson, in Jacksonville, Florida over a beer.

Courson had taken the beer from the teen while he was in the shower. Witnesses remember hearing some loud bangs and Courson’s screams.

According to reports, Broughman was on top of Courson punching her in the face.

Initially, Broughman was charged with aggravated battery, but those charges were upgraded to murder several days later when Courson died from her injuries.

Tracey Broughman, Dylan’s mother, said he wasn’t responsible for Courson’s death.

Tracey claims taking Courson off life support is what killed her… okay, but she wouldn’t have been on life support if it weren’t for Dylan – right?

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So, he is responsible! Tracey did admit Dylan had anger issues.

Dylan’s paternal grandmother, Evelyn Stepka said Tracey had been arrested for violence against Courson in the past.

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