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Woman Scammed Families By Pretending To Be Terminally Ill

Kiley White was a 22-year old woman trying to raise a 4-year old daughter as a single mother.

She had a hard luck and very heartbreaking tale to tell Tammy Yoney and her family when she met the Spraggs, Pennsylvania residents.

Kiley told Yoney she was dying of cancer and had very little time left to live.

White’s heart rending story resonated with Tammy Yoney because her own daughter Morgan, also 22 years of age at the time, was in a life or death struggle due to a lung condition that required a double lung transplant.

Mrs. Yoney immediately understood what it was like for Kiley White to be facing a terminal illness.

So it didn’t take long for Tammy Yoney and her hardworking middle-class family to take Kiley White and her young daughter into their home.

Members of the Yoney family soon formed a tight connection with the dying cancer-stricken Kiley and fell in love with her 4-year old daughter.

Soon after moving in with the Yoneys, Kiley White gave the family a very important letter.

It asked them to consider adopting her daughter after cancer claimed her life and the Yoneys quickly agreed they would become the orphaned youngster’s caretaker.

Now Tammy knew she had to somehow find the strength to not only provide loving care for her own ill daughter Morgan, but also make Kiley’s daughter feel welcome as a part of the Yoney family.

When interviewed by CBS News about her decision, Tammy stated simply, ““As a mother, you can’t help but to help someone in the situation because she told us she didn’t have anybody.”

But circumstances in the Yoney household soon changed after Tammy received a phone call about Kiley that proved to be very disturbing, revealing that her story about terminal cancer and needing a new family for her daughter was little more than a twisted lie.

The full truth, however, would take another two years to fully come out, requiring help from another family of victims to sort out the troubling situation.