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Parrot Emotionally ‘Grieves’ For His Dying Owner And Hears Her Last Words Of Love

We all have heard the saying that there is nothing more special than a bond between a man and his dog.

I would agree with that fact, but also add that there is nothing like the bond between a woman and her cat or there is nothing like the connection between a child and his turtle.

The point is, all animals can be special to any human.

However, this story is about a dying woman and her faithful friend which happens to be a parrot.

This tale of friendship came about through a viral video of the African gray parrot, Sinbad, saying his final farewell to his caretaker of 25 years.

It is a bittersweet story that proves to us all, that a true friendship is an undeniable bond and when one friend’s journey is about to end, even an animal can experience the pain of the forthcoming loss.

Accordingly, as any friend would do, Sinbad sat quietly by his owner’s side on the hospital bed where she, his constant companion of many years, lay in wait for her final breath to release from her frail body.

This is seemingly an unusual way for a parrot to act.

Parrots are usually outspoken and loud with no desire to be hushed.

However, on this day, the parrot respected the transition his friend was about to make and he, like any human, found his solemn grace during this time.

As Sinbad hopped on his friend’s chest, his beloved owner finally whispered the words that he had heard unconditionally throughout the years, “I love you.”

Thus, parrots are known to be one of the most intelligent birds of its species with skills of problem-solving and articulate speech, they also have the awareness of their surroundings and what is happening in certain moments.

Therefore, this type of personality will also trigger emotions like a human.

And Sinbad was, obviously, very deeply saddened by his owner’s condition.

Consequently, some Canadian researchers believe that a parrot’s brain is similar in design to a primate brain, and therefore, contributes to a parrot’s unique ability to acquire the level of intelligence that they all apparently have.

The study also raised questions that still have not been appropriately answered by any research this team has done.

Even so, it has given them the information needed to gain insight into the similarities of certain animals to humans.

In the end, this story was important on many levels.

It brought meaning to what unconditional love is.

It allowed more people to see what animal owners alike already knew – animals can relate to situations and have feelings just as we do.

And lastly, I believe it showed the value of two things that are most important to us all while here on earth – love and friendship.