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Dying Shelter Dog Has Wish Fulfilled, Gets His Very Own Fire Hydrant

It’s not always about giving someone a new life. Sometimes, it’s about celebrating the life they already have and making it the best it could possibly be. When Kevin the pit bull rescued from a field after being abandoned, he was given shelter at Paws Across Oswego County (PAOC).

Look at this cutie!

He was in bad shape and was brought to a vet. Malnourished, with barely any fur, and with only half a tail that had been badly healed, the pup had not had an easy life.

Kevin’s skin condition made it difficult for him to find a forever home, despite his loving and optimistic personality. He was also easily over-excited around other dogs. Before the shelter could find a good home for him, he developed a bladder infection and it was discovered that he was experiencing the beginning of kidney failure.