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Dying Fawn Comes Into Woman’s Life To Teach Her About The Power Of Love

Melanie Butera was diagnosed with cancer– her doctors told her to get her things in order. Soon after, a blind baby deer wandered into her life and changed everything. Butera, a veterinarian, knew that the deer, Dillie, was dying. A farmer had brought Dillie to the emergency clinic where Butera worked.

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The fawn had been abandoned by her mother and was only three-days-old. With time, love, and proper care Dillie gained back nearly 50% of her vision! Butera got better too. Butera wrote a book called “Dillie the Deer: A True Story of Love, Healing, and Family.” In the book, Butera describes the night they met Dillie and how powerful love can be.

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Dillie continues to live with Butera and her husband in their home in Canal Fulton, Ohio. She has her own room and is potty trained!

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