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No One Believe Him When He Described The Duckling’s Morning Ritual, So He Hits Record

Runners have different styles. Some like to run as fast as they can (maybe to get it over with faster). Others take it slow and easy. Many people will go out for a run with their dogs. I used to take two of mine out at a time and run short distances with them. Running is good exercise, and you get to be outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air!

Running gives you a chance to clear your head. Unless you have earbuds and music blasting. It is unlikely that people would believe you if you said that a duck followed you on your morning run – right? I mean what kind of self-respecting duck goes for a run?!

Take a look at this video!

Well, the man in this video did have a duck run with him, and he knew no one would believe him. So, he got a video for proof!

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