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Duck Friends Go Out For A Night On The Town — And Wind Up Arrested

When the weekend comes, many people go out and celebrate. You have to be careful not to celebrate too much – you could wind up in jail! The four ducks you see pictured here normally can be found at Cindy Osiecki’s backyard creek located in Great Bend, Pennsylvania.

But, they recently decided to go on an adventure and ended up a mile away at a Pump N Pantry. The four birds were just exploring the sites and enjoying mother nature. It didn’t hurt that some of the customers there were giving them food, so they decided to stay a while.

ducks got arrested

Image Credit: Pump N Pantry

One customer didn’t appreciate their presence and called the cops! Kat, a Pump N Pantry employee, said the duck weren’t hurting anyone, but when the police arrived, they didn’t want to go!