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Rescue Cat Turns Her Crooked Jaw Into A Beautiful Smile

The cat pictured here has an odd smile. The cat, named Duchess, was hit by a car in El Paso, Texas, and the impact messed up her jaw, but Dr. Meyer thought he could fix it. But given the severity of the accident and her overall health Duchess was given only a 20% chance of survival.

But, you know we wouldn’t be telling you this story if Duchess hadn’t survived. She did survive the surgery to fix her jaw and her other immediate health issues.

To properly fix her jaw, they had to remove most of Duchess’ teeth and wire it. After getting her surgery, Duchess would now need a home.

In walks Crystal Tate. When Crystal first saw Duchess, she was just beginning to recover. Duchess had been a stray and was very thin, and then there was the crooked face.