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After Driving For 200 Miles, He Hears Sounds Coming From The Front Of His Car

In China, a driver accidentally hit a dog with his car. He thought it ran away, and was presumed to be dead. But it wasn’t, much to his utter surprise. The dog was smarter than he thought.

Instead, the dog’s instant recoil sent him underneath the man’s car, in between his front bumper! The man heard barking coming from the outside, and traced it downwards. Alarmed, he got his friend to help get the pup un-stuck.

Take a look at the pooch below:

Image Credit: Metro

The dog wasn’t injured – it was just stuck.

Image Credit: Metro

He and his friend tried to get the pup out – with huge success!

Image Credit: Metro

Thankfully, the dog has retained a clean bill of health.

Image Credit: Metro

Ironically, the pup is now adopted by the same man who chanced upon him!

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