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Drivers In Netherlands Open The Car Door This Unusual Way – You’ll Want To Do The Same

The Dutch Reach is a technique that people in the Netherlands use when opening their car doors and it helps avoid accidents with bicyclists! I can honestly say, I didn’t think there was more than one way to open a car door – you pull the handle and push – right?!

The League of the American Bicyclists reports that the most common accident bicyclists are involved in is ‘dooring’ – or being hit by someone opening their car door. The Daily Mail reported in 2011 that 600 cyclists in the UK are injured every year this way!

Take a look at this video

The Dutch Reach does involve you reaching for the door handle and pulling – but instead of using the arm closest to the door – you use the one that is further away! That way you are forced to look over your shoulder first! To get your driver’s license in the Netherlands, using this technique is compulsory! Share away, people.