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Driver Smashes His Truck Into A City Bus — And The Footage Is Absolutely Insane

Neil Brownell, 82, was behind the wheel of his pickup truck on January 19 in Syracuse, NY. The traffic on the ramp was stopped when he got the two pedals confused. Instead of pressing the brake, he slammed the accelerator and careened off the exit ramp and sped down the embankment – and traffic.

The truck, a Toyota Tacoma, then T-boned a Centro bus that had stopped at a red light. Brownell wasn’t injured, but several passengers on the bus were taken to local hospitals. Brownell’s wife was in the truck complained of chest pains after the accident. At this time, it isn’t clear if Brownell’s age was the reason for this accident.

Take a look at this video

If you have an older family member, make sure they are safe behind the wheel – it is best not only for them but for all the other people out on the roads.

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