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Driver Left Speechless After Discovering Ridiculous Road Markings Somewhere In Russia

You know how road markings are meant to promote safer driving? Lines down the middle of the road keep cars in their lanes, and new drivers who are still nervous on the road will likely keep their eyes on those lines to make sure they’re not veering off-course. But not all lines, apparently, are very helpful!

These two men were driving peacefully down a road in Russia when they noticed that the lines on the road were starting to get a bit wonky and began filming. What starts out as a few lines that swerve here and there quickly turns into drastically shifting lines, some which seem to suggest you drive off the road entirely! Why does it seem like these lines were drawn after a long night of drinking?

Take a look at this video!

The sight is so hilarious that the two men in the car just can’t stop laughing at the top of their lungs. Best not try to follow these lines, then!

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