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These Are The Effects On Your Body After You Drink Lemon Water

Did you know that lemons are touted as a wonder fruit? Rich in Vitamin C, electrolytes and pectin fiber, dunking a slice in your glass of water is actually a beneficial habit in the long run! Even though, it doesn’t taste as good as fruit juice itself.

Lemons are great for your liver as well, and are surprisingly high in Potassium! Just soaking them in water and drinking it works wonders – its a natural hydrator and a powerful antioxidant, which is great news for your skin!

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Did you know that lemons boost your metabolism, fights inflammation and helps regulate your body’s PH levels? With honey, lemons make a delicious drink to cool off your afternoons too!

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And lastly, you can replace your daily caffeine fix with lemon water for a health boost!

Image Credit: Bright Side

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