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Drink Lemon Water Instead Of Pills If You Have One Of These 13 Problems

Lemons are incredibly sour, but this fruit is chock full of benefits that allow them to complement and even replace conventional medicinal products!

Just put some lemon slices in warm water and you’ll solve a lot of issues.

Here are 13 problems that you can use lemon water to get rid of.

1. Muscle Soreness

A tough workout can leave you aching all over.

Lemon water is capable of hastening muscle recovery after a brutal exercise session while reducing overall damage to the muscles.

2. Brittle Fingernails


Weak fingernails can break easily, which leads to a lot of pain and snagging.

Lemon water is packed with vitamin C that helps to keep your nails strong and healthy.

3. Inflammation


Lemons boast a lot of properties that make them anti-inflammatory.

If you make it a habit to drink one glass of warm lemon water every day, your body will be cooled down and inflammation will decrease.

4. Illness


Lemons are packed with vitamin C, so when you eat them, your immune system is strengthened.

Vitamin C is also a fantastic antioxidant, and it’s essential for your body. Drinking lemon water regularly can guard against sickness.

5. Acne


Skin issues can be a real bother, and they might make you feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Luckily, the vitamin C content in lemons and the fruit’s ability to fight inflammation allows it to calm pimples down.

This also helps your skin’s protective layer, preventing further acne and stress.

6. Weight Gain


Gaining weight can be a real cause for concern for you. But if you drink lemon water every morning, the hydration helps you work off the extra pounds.

Some links have also been drawn between obesity prevention and vitamin C.

7. Heartburn


Simply known as acid reflux or complexly as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, heartburn is the result of acid from your body being expelled upwards, filling your esophagus.

This leads to an unpleasant feeling in your chest and throat.

You might think that a lemon’s acidity means it’s bad for this, but lemon water actually provides a unique alkalizing effect.

8. Gallbladder Disease


This condition is a result of an irritated gallbladder, often because of inflammation. A vitamin C deficiency can actually be responsible for this type of condition.

So, drinking lemon water can help manage symptoms, and it can also prevent it from occurring in the first place.

9. Sore Throat


A variety of conditions can lead to a sore throat, including colds, the flu, strep throat, or a cough.

Lemon water’s high vitamin C content is able to boost recovery and provide pain and irritation relief to a sore throat.

10. Fibromyalgia


This chronic pain disorder can have some symptoms relieved through lemon water.

Medication for this disease, which causes widespread body pain, can have lots of side effects, so lemon water is a good option to keep in mind.

11. Kidney Stones


Kidney stones are small hard objects, usually the size of pebbles, that collect in the kidneys.

Lemons contain citric acid and potassium, both which reduce the chances of crystals forming in the kidneys.

They also work to prevent urine from being overly saturated while increasing volume.

12. Joint Pain


Drinking a glass of lemon water daily when you wake up can help your joints to function in as pain-free a manner as possible.

Some research has also found that it may be good for arthritis!

13. Hypertension


Known also as high blood pressure, lemon water can help to keep this balanced and at a slightly better level so it doesn’t continue to cause problems and pose risks.

Please check with your doctor before using lemon water as an alternative for prescribed medication!

Never stop taking medicine without a doctor’s approval.