It’s unusual for a toddler to not be shy. It’s even more uncommon to see one singing the national anthem in an arena with thousands sitting in the stands.

And on top of that, to see the toddler inspire everyone to stand can be truly inspiring.

Babies are typically shy. At home, they may act completely wild, but put them in front of some strangers or in an unfamiliar setting and watch what happens.

They often switch to an off mode in which they are completely quiet and shy. It is almost as if they lost the ability to communicate.

Parents often have to place their children in uncomfortable situations on a regular basis for their toddlers to feel comfortable in new surroundings.

Drake Grillo isn’t your typical toddler. He was recently asked to sing the national anthem at a Syracuse Women’s basketball match.

Drake did this with a lot of enthusiasm. He definitely got the crowd and team amped. Syracuse easily won by a large margin.

In the viral video, you can take a look as Grillo sings with a microphone that looks almost as big as he is.

He does this with over 6,000 people watching. He completely commands an anthem that others have famously messed up.

Drake is only three years old! Most Americans can’t even remember the lyrics to the anthem.

Drake could not only recite them all from memory but sing them with talent and excitement.

The crowd rewarded Drake’s singing with a standing ovation. Basketball members even came over to congratulate him on his excellent rendition.

While Drake might not have understood the magnitude of what he had accomplished, those witnessing certainly did.

His own mother even stated that Drake was too young to understand just how powerful of a performance he put on.

Drake loves to sing and perform. He is also a big-time sports fan with pride in being an American.

This was not the first time Drake has performed in front of a large crowd.

This past summer Drake sang the national anthem in front of a minor league baseball crowd in Auburn, New York.

How do you feel he did?