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Dr Travis Talks About His Best Friend, But When The Doctors Surprise Him, He Loses It

Dr. Travis from the show “The Doctors” adopted a dog from the shelter 17 years ago. Her name was Nala. Nala was by his side as he made his way through medical school. She was his best buddy. Nala was nearing the end of her life. Dr. Travis shared that heartbreaking information with his co-workers. The producers of the show brought Dr. Travis to tears with their special tribute to Nata.

Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist, came on the show and offered advice to Dr. Travis and everyone who has lost a pet. Nala did pass away shortly after the segment was filmed. Hold on to your loved ones. Spend as much time with them as you can. Life is short. Watch the video below to see if you can learn some tips about how to dealing with the passing of a pet.

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