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No One Can See His Face, As Soon As He Starts Playing Everyone Freezes To Listen

Buskers are often overlooked by people who hurriedly move from one place to another with no regard for their surroundings.

On rare occasions, there is a street performer who is talented enough to freeze people in their tracks.

This was the case for one mystery busker who earned a crowd for his performance.

Nobody would have assumed that the man in a large winter jacket and hoodie would play with such enthusiasm and expertise.

He started with a classical tune to ease the crowd into the mind-blowing spectacle that was about to occur.

All of a sudden, he ramped up the performance into a blues jam. People were stopping in droves, stomping their feet and clapping their hands.

The mysterious man is named Brendan Kavanagh and often performs as Dr. K. He is known for dressing up in different costumes while performing on the street.

Dr. K has been spotted as a surgeon, police officer, construction worker and pilot.

Although his costume changes between each performance, his raw talent is present each time.

Dr. K was born and raised in London. He earned a Ph.D. in English literature and continued to play music throughout this life.

He has performed in many bands over the years, although he enjoys playing these surprise performances especially.

Dr. K has his own YouTube channel where more of these videos can be found.

In this clip, Dr. K is playing a public piano that has been donated by Yamaha to the Platform 88 initiative.

This organization has placed pianos throughout London for the public to enjoy.

This video proves how effective the Platform 88 initiative has been in promoting social cohesion through music.

More of Dr. K’s work can be found on his YouTube channel.