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Donkey Stands In Front Of 5 Clydesdales. What Follows Is Going To Make You Laugh

We all have dreams. Some of us want to be famous! We wish we could discover or do something fantastic to make ourselves well-known. Did you know that some animals have dreams too? Some animals actually wish they were other animals… well, I can’t really say this is true, but it is in this commercial! The donkey featured in the Budweiser commercial wishes he was a Clydesdale horse.

Tragically, the donkey isn’t even a horse! Donkeys are smaller than horses and to be a Clydesdale, you need all that hair around your hooves (among other things). But those ‘issues’ are not going to prevent our donkey from trotting proudly with the Clydesdales in the commercial. Finally, the day of his ‘job’ interview comes. One of the questions he is asked is why he wants to join – he simply whinnies and… well, you will have to watch to see what happens next!

Take a look!

Well this was unexpected, wasn’t it?!

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