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See What This Donkey Did With Disabled Dog When Other Dogs Refused To Play With Him.

We often make the mistake of shunning those who are different from us. Sadly, this can translate to the animal world, too. Those who are sick or who look different can sometimes be alienated from their pack or group, resulting in them having to live on their own. If they’re lucky, though, they can sometimes find others who see past their uniqueness and notice the personality beneath, or even celebrate that special part of them!

And that is how this donkey and this dog became friends – through kindness! This little dog named Kolima is disabled, leaving her walking in a wobbly, shaky manner. She’s a complete sweetheart, but the other dogs won’t play with her due to her condition.

It’s resulted in her having a bit of a difficult life, as she can never keep up with the others and they don’t seem to want her around. But then she met Paolo, a donkey who noticed that she was always left out and feeling lonely. So he decided to befriend her, and the two hit it off well and formed an instant bond!

Take a look at this video

Now, they spend so much time together cuddling and playing, and there’s no worry of judgement or being left behind. Now that’s a beautiful friendship!

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