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Baby Donkey Thinks She’s A Lap Dog And Loves Snuggling On The Couch

Those of us who have pets know what a struggle it is to find a seat on the couch. If it isn’t the cat, it is the dog that is taking up a spot. Sometimes, both the cat and the dog are on the couch! The family in this video has a different sort of pet that loves to sit on the couch.

The pet is a donkey named Dementia (quite a strange name for a pet). Dementia is a baby donkey who lives with Terri and Tom Nutter. One of Dementia’s favorite napping places is on the couch – where she gets to snuggle! That makes sense.

Take a look at this video

If she gets snuggles on the couch – the couch is where she wants to be! Dementia is just like a really big lap dog with hooves! I wonder where Dementia sleeps at night! Share away, people!