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Dolphins Rescue Terrified Little Dog From Drowning In A Florida Canal

Dolphins are known to be very intelligent, and there are many stories of them saving people that demonstrate their compassion.

These tales can seem unlikely, but in light of a recent near-tragedy, it seems that such stories bear truth.

The actions of a pod of dolphins in Marco Island, Florida recently proved how compassionate these sea creatures are.

An 11-year-old Doberman Pinscher named Turbo had escaped from the home of his owner, Cindy Burnett, and made his way to a nearby canal to have a swim.

black doberman running through the water

A. Laengauer / Shutterstock

The dog got out of the yard late on a Sunday evening because the gate had been left open.

Fifteen hours after the dog took off on his adventure, a group of dolphins found the pup in distress.

By this time, there was a search underway for the lost Doberman.

Mrs. Burnett was calling for the dog, but it was no use.

She had driven near the vicinity of the canal several times, but the dog was too tired from swimming to respond to her calls.

Old Weathered Boat Dock on a Canal in Florida

Anne Kitzman / Shutterstock

Unfortunately, no one was aware that the dog had ventured into the water.

No humans knew the whereabouts of the dog, but some dolphins were at the scene, and they were aware of Turbo’s predicament.

In an amazing display of intelligence, the dolphins began splashing and making noise to catch the attention of people nearby who were searching for the dog.

A couple on vacation were the first people to notice the commotion of the dolphins.

Mr. and Mrs. D’Alessandro were out on a fishing trip when they noticed the noise of the dolphins.

Dolphin splashing water

Larry Westberg / Shutterstock

Mrs. D’Alessandro went to investigate and noticed the Doberman.

Turbo was trying to escape the water, but the canal wall was too tall for him to climb over, and he was too exhausted to bark for help.

Audrey called for help, and the fire department responded quickly to come to the dog’s rescue.

The firefighters pulled the dog out of the water just in time to prevent him from drowning.

The poor pup was shivering and in a lot of emotional distress.

If it hadn’t been for the amazing cleverness and compassion of the dolphins, the dog’s chances of survival would have been very slim.