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Dogs Drive To Groomer, But When Their Song Comes On They ‘Harmonize’ In Hilarious Manner

Many dogs enjoy the experience of travelling in a car – though they don’t always enjoy the end destination if they find out they’re heading to the vet or groomer’s! Luckily, Travis, Leila, and Zoe the Alaskan Malamutes haven’t figured out that they’re all smushed in the back seat to go to the groomers yet, so they’re in a good enough mood to give us this!

Image Credit: YouTube

Travis and Zoe, two of the pups in the back seat, start quietly howling to themselves, but the mood is quickly picked up by Leila. Once the three dogs start to howl, there’s just no stopping them! The three begin to make funny noises in perfect harmony, with similar tones between them. It’s almost as though these three are singing a little song. It’s a wonderful choir!

Image Credit: YouTube

If all road trips were like this, time would pass a lot faster and they’d be much more fun! These pups are having a mini road trip of their own. It’s easy to see why this video went so viral and was even in news coverage!

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