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It Looks Like A Giant, Fluffy Cotton Ball – But Watch When She Starts To Move…

Some women take a lot of time to get their hair-do just right. It isn’t easy to always have your hair perfectly styled. The weather usually wreaks havoc on our hair. If it isn’t the wind, it is the rain, or maybe both! Still, looking good is something that many people work hard at. There is one dog, named Tori, who just seems to have ‘the look’!

Tori, a bichon frise even has her own following on Instagram. Once you see Tori and her fluffy head of hair – you may understand why! Tori’s look does take some time to get ‘just right.’

Her owner grooms her and has created a perfectly circular head of white fur! Check out some of the photos below! Yes, that is Tori. She is all wrapped up and sleeping!

We told you her fur was perfectly round! Tori seems to like all the attention! Here she is sporting a cute pink knit outfit. As you can see, even her legs are fluffy and well-groomed!