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He Asked His Dogs To Roll Over, But It’s The Cat’s Reaction That’ll Have You In Stitches!

Have you ever trained your dog to do tricks? I have trained my dog to sit, lay down, get back up, and give both paws. It wasn’t easy, though! There were many hours I spent with my dog going through all the motions. Some tricks were easier for him to learn than others. But the day he was able to do them all was the best day!

Cats are a different story. Cats could care less about learning silly little tricks – right? Well, I thought so until I saw the video below. The cat in this video that puts all other cats to shame is Didga (aka, the copycat)! Even though the video below is very short, you can tell that Didga has got some fancy moves! Anything those dogs can do – Didga can do too!

Watch and be impressed!

Get your cat to watch and make them feel bad (or not)!

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