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Dog’s Owner Refuses Treatment And Sneaks Her Out Of Hospital Against Their Advice

Back in March 26th, San Jose, their local Animal Care Center came across a dying Chihuahua named Mia.

3 weeks earlier, Mia was diagnosed with a condition named pyometra – in which her former owner refused to pay for at first.

She eventually relented, and Mia was prepped for the surgical procedure she needed.

However, that wasn’t all she required to recuperate.

Mia was pale, which proved that she needed a blood transfusion ASAP.

Her owner however, refused once again.

Mia was hospitalized for a couple of days before her owner took her home despite medical advice.

The vet requested that San Jose Animal Services check up on Mia, thus Mia’s owner had to bring her back.

Mia was found starved and extremely thin.

In addition, she was lethargic, anemic and extremely dehydrated.

Eventually, Mia was surrendered to San Jose Animal services, and given the medical treatment she greatly required.

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