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We Were Wrong All Along — Dogs Never Really Die

As much as we wish our pets could live forever, we know that they can’t. All life will at some point end. We make the most out of the time we have with our pets. We enjoy the games of tug-of-war, the walks around the block, and the romping in the yard. Ad they get older, we enjoy quiet naps and shorter walks.

The man who wrote this story claims that dogs never actually die. He isn’t saying that they are immortal – their bodies do shut down, and ‘life’ ends. But they are simply sleeping in your hearts. I suppose we could apply this logic to our human family and friends too – right? You may need a tissue when you read this if you have lost pets in the past.

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dogs never die

Image Credit: tickld

No worries, the man who wrote this had a good cry too.

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