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When Dad Asks His Dogs About The Mess On The Floor, They Start Arguing With Each Other!

When two people argue, we often find ourselves watching. Sometimes we watch because we agree with one person and want them to ‘win.’ Other times we watch because maybe some part of us hopes that it comes to blows. Or maybe we watch to make sure it doesn’t come to that. In this video, Dakota and Phoenix are in trouble.

There is a torn letter all over the floor, and neither Husky is willing to take the blame for making the mess. You can just hear them saying that they are the innocent one and the other dog did it! Or maybe the letter smelled funny and they were just trying to protect their human from the nasty thing.

Take a look at this video

They had to tear it apart to keep him safe, yes, that is what happened! It is also possible they are just saying they are sorry and want the questions to stop!
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