When teacher Ulnas Chowdhury was strolling through the woods near his home, he didn’t expect to stumble upon something that would shock him.

As he enjoyed his walk, Chowdhury heard a distinct and sudden noise – the sound of a baby’s wails.

He rushed towards the source of the noise and found that it was coming from the bushes.

Upon arriving on the scene, he found four dogs, which were huddled around and protecting a small pink bundle in a blanket.

Chowdhury uncovered the blanket and realized that a baby girl had been bundled inside of it.

She had clearly been abandoned in the woods, and she could have been in grave danger being left alone like that, put the dogs had been working together to protect her and keep her warm in the cold.

Once they realized Chowdhury was there to help, the dogs wagged their tails and barked excitedly, as though they knew he would save the baby.

Chowdhury rushed to gather some neighbors, who went to pick up the baby together.

Another neighbour, Parveen Sen, fed the young child some milk, which made her stop crying.

The police eventually arrived to take the baby, but if not for those four loyal and intelligent dogs, she may have never survived! It was a miracle.

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