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This Dog’s Been Chained To This Wall For 8 Years. Now Watch As Rescuers Approach…

This story is a sad one – meet Lola, a pit bull who had been neglected and left unattended for almost 8 years. No one ever gave her a pet, a hug or even the time of day. She had been left to fend for herself on the streets ever since she was a puppy. Until one day, AMA Animal Rescue staff spotted her – and decided to take her in.

They approached her with caution at first – after all, she had never experienced human touch, so her rescuers did not want to spook her. But Lola was incredibly sweet by nature – this proves that not ALL pit bulls are terrifying! You just have to get to know them. Lola had two tumors on her mammary glands, which required urgent removal.

Check out Lola’s story below!

Lola has now recovered and is looking for a new forever home – could it be yours?

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